Site d’un polyglotte très actif et écléctique. Une remarquable encyclopédie des langues et ses liens précieux raviront les passionnés.

Description par l’auteur:

About this blog
This blog contains my musings on language and linguistics. I write about the meanings and origins of words and phrases; language learning techniques; language courses and other learning resources; languages and cultures, and anything else that interests me, from a linguistic perspective.

Who am I?
My name is Simon Ager, I live in Bangor in North Wales and earn a living from my website, My main passions are languages and music.

What’s an Omniglot?
Omniglot is a word I coined back in 1998. Originally it was the name of a web design and translation business I tried to set up, and it later became the name of my Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

Mandarin Chinese, French, Welsh and Irish (Gaelic)

German, Scottish Gaelic, Manx (Gaelic), Japanese and Esperanto

Some conversational ability
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Czech, Russian

Basic knowledge
Arabic, Cornish, Breton, British Sign Language, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Korean, Latin, Romanian, Scots, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Toki Pona, Turkish